Application Process for MS in US Universities

For Indian/International Students [with specific inputs for students of Uttar Pradesh Technical University(UPTU)]



General Information


Various Documents required

The application process

Post results decisions.

All about the Visa Preparations.

Pre-departure formalities and shopping lists etc.

The contents of this entire mini-site are a outcome of my personal research and understanding. Personal views on different subjects may differ. This is more of a documentation of my personal experience and inference from it. My inferences can be incorrect. Kindly refer to the official text wherever possible.

July 8, 2008
I have just completed a 15 Months cycle of my application process to US Universities. When I started some 1.5 years ago, I had very little knowledge of the entire process. Like everyone, I had to get bits and pieces of everything by searching things on internet. What I missed sometimes was a 'one point reference' of everything where I could have the bird's eye view of the entire process and specific details too.

I had some 2-3 days to spare and I thought that I'll document the entire process so that it can help a few MS aspirants trying for Universities in USA.

Since I am from Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU), I'll make special references/note to specific processes for UPTU students.

I have divided the entire exercise into 6 phases. Various phases are described in detail below:

  • General Information (About the process and timelines for fall and spring semesters)
  • Phase-I     GRE and TOEFL Exams. Their format and preparation guide.
  • Phase-II    Various Documents required (Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendations, Transcripts etc.)
  • Phase-III   The application process (Identifying the universities and application tips and tricks.)
  • Phase-IV    Post results decisions. Choosing the University to go for.
  • Phase-V     All about the Visa Preparations.
  • Phase-VI    Pre-departure formalities and shopping lists etc.

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